LOSING GOD’S PRESENCE IS THE GREATEST MISTAKE! A certain clergyman fell into immorality and financial misconduct, and was finally about to be exposed. One night the Lord appeared to him and told him, ” I will give you grace to choose one out of these three options: 1) To lose your ministry, 2) To loseContinue reading “LOSING GOD’S PRESENCE IS THE GREATEST MISTAKE!”

Breaking Negative Patterns

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!THERE IS SOMETHING THE ENEMY HAS BEEN USING TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE! This may be one of the most crucial articles you have ever read. The Lord told me, “Its time to break negative patterns; I will help you identify them BUT you must break them!” “Certain situations of our lives are notContinue reading “Breaking Negative Patterns”

Idolatrous Lies Exposed!!!

It is popularly said, “There is only one God and we all have different ways to reach Him.”This world view is behind the spirit of traditional worship, ecumenism and syncretism.Also it is said, “Every community and people groups has its OWN name for God.” This sounds true to the naive heart. But a deep lookContinue reading “Idolatrous Lies Exposed!!!”

Conversation decides relationship!

Who is closest to you? Someone whose conversations or speech carries the grace and seasoning you love. I am drawn to people who speak my language of Kingdom. Our conversations are similar. If you want relationship with certain people you cannot force it, it happens naturally through the Law of conversation.When you find who speaksContinue reading “Conversation decides relationship!”

Will You Be Found Wanting?

Will You Be Found Wanting? Tekel (means “weighed”): You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. –Daniel 5:27, New International Version This is the writing that was inscribed: ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.’ 26  “This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE: God has COUNTED your kingdom, and brought it to an end. 27 Continue reading “Will You Be Found Wanting?”


As part of our mandate to educate, we will be aiming toward re-educating, Discipling and raising an emerging levels of leaders, established leaders, and those in the process of making the transition to the True Gospel of the Kingdom. The Father wants this Institute to work with. It will be opened to all denominations. ItContinue reading “Special ANNOUNCEMENTS!”


The Shunammite story is about how God reaches out to people whose hopes are dead. It’s a story of a woman who felt her case was closed and how God reopened her case. It’s a story of how the things you feel you will never have because of the disappointments and delays you have beenContinue reading “THE SHUNAMMITE WOMAN, DETERMINED! Part 2”

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