Taking the True Gospel of the Kingdom of YeHoVaH to the world

What is the Vision of House of Israel?


Building has always been important to me – building people, building ministries, and impacting cities and nations – and in this season, YeHoVaH is erasing the line between spiritual and natural, and is showing us the importance of building a physical place so that we can continue to impact people around ! If we didContinue reading “BUILDING FOR YOU”

A Home for All

We have begun to raise the blocks for the upstairs of the convocation center, and we have raised $1000 of the $30000 required! $29,000 to go!Would Father use you? Would He use someone close to you? Would Father use a plan he would place in you?Inside the walls of this building is a messianic HebrewContinue reading “A Home for All”


What made Yeshua ministry cut across so effectively? He was not a noise maker, neither was He an empty vessel like many ministries today. He didn’t just attract bunch of confused people, His message was spiritually deep, emotionally intense, will propelling, intellectually appealing, communicationally effective. He didn’t use loud noise to cover up powerless likeContinue reading “YESHUA STYLE!”


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