A certain clergyman fell into immorality and financial misconduct, and was finally about to be exposed. One night the Lord appeared to him and told him, ” I will give you grace to choose one out of these three options: 1) To lose your ministry, 2) To lose my Presence or 3) To lose your marriage.”

1. LOSING HIS MINISTRY: The man thought to himself, “How can I lose a ministry I have spent 40 years to build? Where will I start from? How can I lose this crowd of about hundred thousand? The world will see it and laugh at me.”

2. LOSING HIS MARRIAGE: The man thought to himself, “I can’t stand my wife leaving me, the whole world will see it, I love her so much.”

3. LOSING GOD’S PRESENCE: The man thought to himself, “I think I can get away with losing God’s presence, I get to have the news of adultery covered. I can’t sacrifice my ministry I have worked too hard for it, I can’t sacrifice my marriage, let me sacrifice God’s presence.”

Seven years after he sacrificed God’s presence the pastor appeared to be doing well, his church kept on growing, his marital relationship seem to be sweeter. Life appeared smooth.

Suddenly, in the eighth year everything began to die, his world began to fall apart, his sins was discovered and exposed. As a result he lost the ministry and eventually his wife divorced him for his infidelity. Abandoned in shame and ridicule he had forgotten his error of rejecting God’s presence. He turned again to the Lord whose Presence he denied, and cried out, “I have lost everything.”

YeHoVaH said to him, “You lost everything eight years ago when you rejected the one thing that holds and brings everything- My Presence. If you had lost everything else and kept my Presence, you would still have had it restored, irrespective of the consequence. Rejecting My Presence opened every door to Satan into your heart. You left My covering. You have traded gold for brass. My servant you have made the greatest mistake.”

Prayer: YeHoVaH, today we recommit to seek and value your holy Presence. Like Adam and Eve however way we have missed it through disobedience help us not to hide from You. All we desire today is Your manifest Presence!

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