Near the end of the book of 1 Samuel, a woman emerges, a beautiful woman. Abigail doesn’t have a book written in her name but this woman will play a major part in the journey of David.
At the heat of David’s anger Abigail gave him the wisdom and patience to find understanding. Abigail saved David from avenging himself and from bloodshed.

When Abigail saw David, without a word, she fell on her face before him, bowing herself to the ground. Falling at his feet, Abigail delivered the most humble, heartfelt plea for David to spare her husband’s household. But her request was not made from a heart of fear, nor was it from a heart of anger toward her husband. Rather, while she admitted that her husband was a man of bad character, she reminded David that his life was in the hands of God. His enemies would be destroyed because of God’s justice, and his own house would endure. She only asked in return that, when God had fulfilled everything He had promised, that David remember her.

Abigail’s humble response turned David’s heart. He saw the error he was about to make. He himself had just recently spared the life of King Saul, who sought to kill David. Yet David had been quick to exterminate the household of a man who had merely insulted him. His life of exile had angered him, and this anger had nearly driven him to seek vengeance against a man who was not the real enemy.

David heeded Abigail’s wise words. He respected her for the great respect she showed her husband’s household, despite his faulty character. He sent her away with a blessing, promising her safe return home and the preservation of the men of Nabal.

Abigail found her David in the midst of conflict. A woman of beauty and wisdom will always end up in the hands of God’s Davids. God preserves Abigail’s for men after his heart.

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