A NEW True Religion

March 20, 2021 Sabbath Teaching Review
Matthew 9:14-38 – A NEW True Religion

Arthur Bailey announced that when he focuses on pleasing YeHoVaH, it’s going to be displeasing to people who are not focused on pleasing the Almighty! This is the plight of all believers that practice Yeshua’s NEW True Religion. We’re not called to blend in. We’re not called to mix-in. We’re not called to be popular amongst the worldly crowds. We have been called out. As called out ones, we have been called to separate, to be set apart. We can’t please Him and the people of the world too.

Called out of what? Babylon!

The term Babylon, in Greek, refers to confusion, corruption, and idolatry. In Hebrew, the term Babylon refers to confusion, by mixing. This is why we must come out of the confusion of religions; they are not aligned with the Word of Elohim. Here are three of the many characteristics of Babylon that Arthur articulated.

The Roman Catholic Church replaced the Hebrew Messiah with the Latino Christos, the English Christ; created Christianity, all the holidays associated with it (Christmas, Easter, Lent, and others), Creeds, Liturgies, and more; and changed the Sabbath to Sunday.

Many are stuck in Catholic and Protestant religious traditions. They will hold on to the name Jesus instead of Yeshua; Christ instead of Messiah; hold on to Sunday; hold on to Christmas; hold on to Easter; defend Christian traditions; and try to blend Christian, Jewish (Judaism), and Messianic traditions.

Many continue cleaving to the Jewish calendar and Jewish holidays, ascribing miracles of god to events, and trying to connect prophecies of Messiah to traditions and holidays.

Yeshua could not work with the religious leaders of His day because they had an established religion that required Yeshua to come under their authority. That is the same reason why we must come out of Babylon and be set-apart. Religion will NEVER set us free; it only offers a form of godliness.

Arthur made the point that one word from the Almighty today can change your life forever. So …

Have you forsaken all and submitted to the Almighty?
Are you expecting that the Almighty is going to speak to you?

Reflections on the Teaching

I responded with a hardy “Amein” when Arthur said that religion teaches more about what you can’t do than what you can do. Religion will tell you what you can’t do and burden you with a lot of rules and traditions to bring you into conformity with its traditions. This is insane because most religions fight against the truth of the Sabbath, substitute grace instead of keeping the Commandments, sanction eating unclean things, and observe a whole host of traditions that directly oppose Scripture.

Over the years, I remember several instances coming head to head with the denominational “you can’t”. None of these prohibitions are in Scripture!

My paternal grandmother, was part Holiness/Apostolic/Pentecostal and at one point a Sabbath Keeper. She informed me that I can’t show my elbows to be perceived as a Christian woman. In my thoughts, I rolled my eyes. That was a new regulation that I hadn’t heard of!
When I was a part of the Seventh-day Adventist, I couldn’t wear my wedding band or jewelry other than a watch.
When I was in the Nazarene denomination, I was told that I couldn’t drink alcohol.
The Dunkard Brethren told me that I couldn’t attend their congregation because I had been divorced.

The restrictions are a way to control the congregants to instill a sense of community with the denomination and reject the beliefs and traditions of anyone not in that community. Yeshua’s way is to give individuals true freedom by teaching the truth of the Power and Authority we have in the Kingdom of YeHoVaH.

It is a sad reality that Arthur’s words ring true:

Some of you who are listening to me will never walk in this Kingdom Authority and Power that I am talking and teaching about. You know why? You have other teachings in you that contradict what I am teaching, and teachers you listen to who contradict what I am teaching. … You cannot mix Yeshua’s teaching with other religious or denominational traditions. What Yeshua is teaching is NEW altogether. Yeshua is saying the Gospel of the Kingdom stands alone, Don’t Mix It!

Freedom, according to Messiah, only comes one way: Truth and abiding in or continuing in that Truth.

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