Recently, I have been so fascinated at the word ‘Cathedral‘. Because as I observed the way the Catholic church built their buildings it reveals their “mindset.” Their constructing a cathedral some of which took 123 years to finish characterize a church after dominance, influence and longevity.


The builders of the Cathedrals weren’t building a mushroom or chicken house nest.

As we think about the Gospel of the Kingdom are we thinking longevity or short-term? Is this a full job for us or a part time job? Are we developing curriculums, teachings, doctrines, leadership transformational techniques that the next generation will build upon?

Do we have a next generation cathedral dream?

The vision of doing something massive!

I really want to meet those who gave to build these Cathedrals. I want to meet those who built them. I really believe that some of those who began building were not the ones that completed it.


1. Size

2. Beauty/Magnificent

3. Longevity

1. Size:

The size of the Cathedrals reveals that the church was indeed after people. They wanted cities, region. They wanted to populate, and colonize people. They built to accommodate the number of the region they existed. If a Catholic church existed in a community of one Million people, you know what they did? They will build a one million size cathedral!


The Cathedrals was not just grandeur in size it was equally magnificent in beauty. It was suppose to reflect seriousness, celestial and Greatness. By investing in beauty you could tell the weight of their seriousness.

Longevity :

The Cathedrals was built with highly expensive and sophisticated building materials and the best of builders, architecture masterpiece was exployed for this task. They wanted to build not something that will last for just two decades but centuries.

This article is not to endorse the Roman catholic church, or to endorse their practices. It is only focus on a concept. We must be careful not to look beyond what is being written. As Kingdom sons.. I believe we can learn from this teaching. And start investing in size, beauty and longevity in whatever we do.

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