The Spirit of Generosity!

In this teaching Apostle Ndubuisi Eke is going to take you on a journey.

“How, while passing through great trouble, their boundless joy even amid their deep poverty has overflowed to increase their generous liberality” 2 Corinthians 8:2

The above verse is a reference to the Macedonian Church. It is church that will forever be remembered for their generous lifestyle. This church gave to help other churches even when they were facing extreme difficulty and poverty. The Macedonian Church, as a matter of fact they gave out of severe trial. They gave when the conditions was not conducive for them.

The Greek word ptōcheia makes clear the conditions of the Macedonian churches: In great trial of affliction, and in deep poverty.

It is a shocking story of the poor helping the poor. It is people seeing their poverty, not as a limitations to touch the heart of Elohim . It is a story of people giving up their one meal so that others can eat, it is a story of a church that is moved with what moves YeHoVaH.

Sometimes we hide under the canopy of not having enough. We complain that we cannot give because we DON’T have enough, but not the Macedonian. In extreme poverty (Greek:. ptōcheia), came forth rich generosity.

The Macedonian churches didn’t need a sermon to give, they didn’t need hype to give, they didn’t need a teaching that promises them that if they give $50 God will in return bless them with $500.

They saw their giving as a privilege of sharing in the service to the saints: “With earnest entreaty they begged from us the favour of being allowed to share in the service now being rendered to God’s people” 2 Corinthians 8:4

They begged to give!

Some of you reading this, your church have been begging you to give, yet you refuse. You are full of complains. You are using your financial difficulty as your excuse to withhold giving.

You can change today! Seek to be generous.

House of Israel Lagos

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