A NEW True Religion

March 20, 2021 Sabbath Teaching ReviewMatthew 9:14-38 – A NEW True Religion Arthur Bailey announced that when he focuses on pleasing YeHoVaH, it’s going to be displeasing to people who are not focused on pleasing the Almighty! This is the plight of all believers that practice Yeshua’s NEW True Religion. We’re not called to blendContinue reading “A NEW True Religion”


House of Israel Lagos special Passover edition on Vanguard Newspaper. One of Nigeria’s leading Newspapers! https://www.vanguardngr.com/2021/03/passover-is-biblical-easter-is-babylonian-exodus-121-30/ Read and share this special Passover article on Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria.https://www.vanguardngr.com/2021/03/passover-is-biblical-easter-is-babylonian-exodus-121-30/


Recently, I have been so fascinated at the word ‘Cathedral‘. Because as I observed the way the Catholic church built their buildings it reveals their “mindset.” Their constructing a cathedral some of which took 123 years to finish characterize a church after dominance, influence and longevity. CAN YOU GIVE TO BUILD A CATHEDRAL? The buildersContinue reading “DEVELOPING A CATHEDRAL MINDSET”

Standing Upon God’s Word

Life often may look bleak, problems may mount up that forces us into hopelessness, circumstances faces us, and tries to pull us down. We keep praying and often the situation may look the same. I have counsel countless people who feel like giving up. And the way out is this: Stand upon Elohim’s Word.    Continue reading “Standing Upon God’s Word”


TRUE LEADERS DON’T NEED PEOPLE! This sort of statement would be shocking to a lot of people in the religious circle. But fundamental to every true leadership I have observed is the facts that, “If you need people you can’t lead people.”     True leaders have broken free from the need for peoples acceptance, and approval.Continue reading “TRUE LEADERS DON’T NEED PEOPLE!”


Four Lessons From His Life.____“May the Lord show mercy to thehousehold of Onesiphorus, because he oftenrefreshed me and was not ashamed of mychains. On the contrary, when he was inRome, he searched hard for me until hefound me. May the Lord grant that he willfind mercy from the Lord on that day! Youknow very wellContinue reading “COMMENTARY ON THE LIFE OF ONESIPHORUS.”

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